Tweets about me:

  1. I use twitter to meet new people who care about the things I care about, to discuss what we care about.
  2. I focus my tweets on sharing educational, meaningful or helpful links–to books, articles, websites and other blogs.
  3. I check out all my links before I tweet or retweet them.
  4. I appreciate people who tweet about interesting things that will help us live healthier happier lives as human beings sharing one place to live.
  5. I’m not so much interested in status updates, unless they’re funny or informative.
  6. If you tweet at me and retweet my tweets, I will try to do the same for you.
  7. If you blog and would like to exchange you tweeting my blog posts for me tweeting yours, then send me a DM.

More info about me!

Read one of my latest blog posts

I contribute to another Twitter account that aims to promote empowered female artists, called @EmFems


4 Responses to Twitter

  1. Hi, Shalon: I’m so glad I found you on Twitter. I love your tweets. I’m a writer, who teaches creative writing to teens, boomers, and seniors—a very rewarding endeavor.

    If you come across any teaching resources for those populations, please pass them on. Thanks!

  2. Ryan Karhut says:

    Is There Trouble with Tweeting?:

  3. Tesfaye says:

    Please help me

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