My Writing Services

One of my biggest pleasures is helping people understand and convey important concepts that have an impact on our quality of life and our ability to achieve our potentials.  In this vein, I have explored many forms of expression and methods of fostering our inborn creativity and self-expression, including education pedagogy, communications and art.  At the heart of my work is language and the ability to communicate with others, which takes the form of words, sounds, and images, using all of our senses.  Communicating an idea effectively–with reasoning, in the form of an essay, or with passion and emotion through poetry or fiction, or with colours, lines and shapes in a painting–is at the core of what I do.

As a freelance writer and editor, I have worked as a consultant on projects for:

  • The Asian Development Bank’s SASEC Information Highway Project
  • BC Mental Health & Addiction Services
  • Justice Institute of BC
  • Unicare Seniors Communities
  • Private individuals, including professors, lawyers, artists, entrepreneurs, and many other professionals
Whether it’s business, academic or creative writing, I have experience and confidence.  In the past, I assisted a Professor of Communications, Linda Harasim Ph.D., with the publication process of her latest book, including creating graphics for that book; I taught creative writing skills to teenage girls as a facilitator for Richmond Women’s Resource Centre; I contributed to the Communication Plan for Heartwood Women’s Centre, a new initiative of BC Mental Health; and I completed writing a full-length non-fiction called, Peaceful Birth: A Guide to a Natural Birth Free of Fear.


The following is the dedication that Elizabeth MacKay addressed to me in the book I wrote for her, Peaceful Birth:

” have only one person to acknowledge here and that is Shalon, who took my scribbled notes, and my disorganized emails and made this book far more beautiful than I ever imagined.

Blessings to you Shalon Sims”

This is just a small sampling of my writing accomplishments.  For more information about me, please see my About Me page, or contact me at shalonsims{at}hotmail{dot}com