About me

My name is Shalon Sims, and I’m passionate about literacy and helping others reach their potentials. I’m a non-fiction and fiction writer finishing my first fiction novel, The Voluble Self, a sci-fi story taking place on Earth in a time when there is a strong control over information and there are no books.  It is hard for me to imagine what my life would be like without all of the many gifts that books have given me.

As both an avid reader and writer, I’m inspired by the writings of Ursula LeGuin, C.S. Lewis, Haruki Murakami, Joseph Campbell, and Jung, among others.   I am very interested in the philosophical, pedagogical & societal implications of the internet, technology and social media on our lives and our human species.

I work at a Creative Design & Branding agency in Vancouver, and freelance as a writer, editor and educator.

I have studied Pedagogy (diploma), English (minor) and Fine Arts (minor) at:

Simon Fraser University, BC

The University of the Fraser Valley, BC

The Universiteit van Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Kwantlen University College, BC