How many times should you tweet a blog post?

Well, up until today, I was only tweeting my blog posts once, but lately I have noticed that some bloggers that I am following are tweeting their posts more than once.  So, I did some research and here is what I found:

It appears that most bloggers tweet each blog post at least twice, but some people recommend tweeting as often as 10 times, 2-4 times a day over a period of a few days (I personally find that a bit much).

In the interesting links I found on this subject (see below), the comments were quite enlightening, with many people stating that they were aware that bloggers tweet links to their posts numerous times, but that it didn’t really annoy them because they often go on Twitter only once a day and they follow so many people that they often miss most tweets anyways.

So, I have decided to start tweeting my blog posts more often–I think two or three times over a period of two days– and I have decided to use CoTweet, which allows me to schedule my tweets in advance.

Interesting Links

  • Bothsidesofthetable has an informative post about this topic with some (not very scientific) graphs and charts and a very long discussion in the comments section.
  • AskAaronLee actually posts the result of a survey on how many times a blogger tweets their post and gives reasons why it’s a good idea.

2 Responses to How many times should you tweet a blog post?

  1. It would be nice if promotion was easier than that. Is the whole purpose of tweeting it for promotion??? We live in a brave new world I suppose

  2. Shalon says:

    Thanks for the comment. As a writer, I want to find people who are interested in reading what I write, and, as an educator, I am interested in connecting to a larger community of knowledge. Tweeting my posts helps me to do both.

    I don’t think promotion can get any easier and inclusive as it is with Twitter!

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